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Solace of Seams: Making of Custom Wedding Gown

by cenojyk
Custom Wedding Gown by Cenojyk

Feverishly, your hands are going through racks and racks of dresses as the salesperson says “Can I get you a glass of champagne?”.   All the while, inquiries about you and your special day so lovingly and gingerly slap your glowing face.      Divine dresses which seem to meet your wish list float through the salon/dressing room (as well as a few you’ve chosen).   You smile. . .They now hang in outstretched form patiently awaiting the grand prolonged fitting moment. Sheer excitement raises through every nerve of your body.  One glance in the oversized mirror, dress and “veiled”, reality sets in “the dress is beautiful but looked better on the hanger”.  It’s not your dream design.  Long sigh. . . . .

Spending stolen hours shopping in stores and on the internet was not the idea my time starved bride had in mind. She was in another country, different time zones, an excruciating and demanding work schedule and the idea of giving up the rest of her free moments to find a dress was not in the cards as this was much needed time to connect with family abroad let alone precious sleep time.

She had three wishes:

  1. She wanted to use a beautiful fabric that she found in Australia but felt that it was too much for the entire gown.
  2. She was quite comfortable with not having a traditional look or feel for her wedding as she was a bit older.
  3. She wanted to incorporate an ethnic look into her special day.

Wish Granted:

I love doing the nontraditional! We worked together to incorporate her fabric as a stunning detail on her ethnic inspired wedding gown.   As the evening sun went down and the lights dimmed, the sounds of aboriginal music brightened the venue as she was escorted by her Dad to the waiting hands of her groom.  Not your traditional wedding as her trance induced guests looked on.  (See video below for further glimpse into making of custom wedding gown)

In today’s modern age, where we believe everything we want or need can be found on the internet, it’s not necessarily so.   I love it when we can go deep within to gain clarity about our wants and needs and have the courage to stick to our decisions.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend!  Stop back in on Move Me Mondays. . . . .

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