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Breaktime! Breathe & Bead with Cenojyk

by cenojyk
Breathe & Bead

There’s just so much to do in a 24 hour period! Quite honestly, we may not know where to begin on what seems like a never-ending to-do list! Sometimes, it’s a simple solution which begs for us to start with stopping and remembering to “Breathe”.

My mother used to tell me as a child, always remember “you can’t give from an empty cup”. I didn’t quite understand it as a youth engaged in creative activities like beading, sewing, art, science or arguing with my siblings. Yet, as I got older and life banged fiercely on my door, I finally understood Mom’s saying. They were no longer mere words I mimicked behind her back.

As an adult, I started to notice a pattern. As my life and schedule got more hectic, my deaf ears would barely hear her message – most often detected as a slight whisper during my almost non-existent still moments or in the midst of meeting filled days, videoconferences, personal errands, family schedules, and so much more. Whenever, I heard the calm hum “you can’t give from any empty cup” sometimes accessorized as illness, it served as my warning to slow down.

As life can knock the breath out of us, take a moment to catch your breath and breathe. Be sure to indulge in things that still your mind – whether it’s: Meditation – I’ve downloaded the Calm app to my phone – she’s become my best friend at times; yoga, walking – sometimes I see if I can outpace my worries or at least walk until they are momentarily silenced, listening to music, reading (I just found this list of calming books and want to read at least one over the summer), journaling your thoughts or just sitting silently. So many choices but breaks begin with stopping

Today, I’ve found new breaktimes – they range from being in nature, gardening, sketching, sewing – even my short Breathe & Bead Creative Escapes scheduled for July 19th & 20th, 2019. These escapes are situated in beautiful and tranquil Pocono Mountains, PA where nature seems to create natural pauses in a hectic and chaotic world.

My prayer is that you’ll give yourself the long overdue and well-deserved gift of breaktime never forgetting the words my Mom instilled in me “you can’t give from an empty cup”.

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